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By Professor James I. McNelis, III, Ph.D. This page is hosted on my personal server; the contents express my opinions, not those of Wilmington College (though, of course, they are a substantial component of the opinions held by WC English).
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This page serves both to announce upcoming events, and as an archive proudly displaying our activities to date. Let's just say WC English hit the 21st century rolling! It's our third century since we began at National Normal University of Lebanon, Ohio in 1855 (which merged in 1917 with Wilmington College, founded 1870).

The contents will be inclusive, not restricted to Sigma Tau Delta or my own (Dr. McNelis's) exploits--anything our current students, alumni, faculty or other colleagues do is fair game to be recorded here for convenient one-stop reference.

Named OCTELA Outstanding English Language Arts Educator, High School, Ohio, 2014

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If the question in your mind is "Are we kind of a big deal?" the answer, for those of you playing at home, is YES.


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  • October 23, 2013, 7:30 p.m., McCoy Room, Kelly Center, WC: Scott Kenemore, author of Zombie, Ohio, will read to us from Zombie, Ohio and discussed freelance writing, publishing in the digital age, and how to get your fans to pay for your research trips. Scott participated out of his own generosity in distance-teaching my Fall 2012 course, "Zombies: The Walking Dead" (see below), and responded in egregiously courteous detail to the not-always-as-courteous student critiques of his work (though in fairness, they had no idea he'd get to see them). He's a class act all the way. His blog is at scottkenemore.com.
        See Scott in action here, in Youtube of his recent appearance at Comic-Con's Zombies in Pop Culture panel (July, 2013). I also like this clip from 2011, where he and Max Brooks get into it over "Return of the Living Dead". (Note that Max had already pre-emptively swapped their name cards.)

  • Oct. 22, 2013: The University of Dayton graduate English program kindly invited our English senior seminar to visit. We enjoyed Prof. Slade's program presentation, and it's a safe bet the tradition of Wilmington English grads applying to the UD MA will continue.
  • Oct. 13, 2013: We had a pizza party at Donato's to take in the opening of Season 4, "The Walking Dead," starting 8:00ish on the 13th. Remember it's a restaurant and a business: no outside food, and you have to buy something.

  • February 2013: Stephenie Eriksson, WC alum, named Ohio Outstanding Language Arts Educator--High School by OCTELA.
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