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Last Modified 29 August 1999: noted cessation of publication.

Founding editor: James McNelis. I now edit Envoi: A Review Journal of Medieval Literature.

Æstel  was edited and produced by graduate students in literature at the University of Washington, Seattle, USA. Its objective was to publish a variety of papers reflecting contemporary interests ranging across the spectrum of medieval and renaissance studies. Æstel was library bound in hardcover, and printed on 60# acid-free paper. Æstel has ceased publication; see below for current information on availability of back issues (pending as of 8.29.99).

This Web site provides the text of several articles and reviews from our first three volumes (available items are indicated by links). These articles are copyrighted by the authors and may not be reproduced in any format without permission, which should be sought from the authors directly.

Æstel no. 1 (1993), edited by James McNelis:

A. S. G. Edwards, "Editing and the Teaching of Alliterative Poetry"

Maud Burnett McInerney, "Opening the Oyster: Pearls in Pearl"

Hoyt N. Duggan, "A New Critical-Diplomatic Edition of Piers Plowman B in Hypertext"

Paul G. Remley, "An Electronic Reading Text of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales"

T. A. Shippey, "Recent Writing on Old English"

Gillian R. Overing, "Recent Writing on Old English: A Response"

Monica B. Potkay, "The New Dark Ages of Camille Paglia"

and reviews:

E. G. Stanley, of R. D. Fulk, A History of Old English Meter

Patrick W. Conner, of M. Korhammer, ed., Words, Texts and Manuscripts: Studies in Anglo-Saxon Culture Presented to Helmut Gneuss

Christine Rose, of Barry Windeatt, Troilus and Criseyde: Oxford Guides to Chaucer

Æstel no. 2 (1994), edited by Sean Taylor:

Allen J. Frantzen, "Who Do These Anglo-Saxon(ist)s Think They Are, Anyway?"

Shari Horner, "En/Closed Subjects: The Wife's Lament and the Culture of Early Medieval Female Monasticism"

David C. Fowler, "Piers the Plowman after Forty-Five Years"

John M. Bowers, "Mankind and the Political Interests of Bury St. Edmunds"

Æstel no. 3 (1995), available now, includes the following:

O'Neil, Mary R., "Tall Tales, Sober Truth: Storytellers Before the Inquisition"

Hellman, Dara, "Interdiction and Imperative: Gereint Vab Erbin and Erec and Enide"

Bullington, Mary Boxley, "Jonas in the Land of Gulp and Spew: Apocalyptic Nausea in Patience"

Robertson, Elizabeth, "Female Subjectivity in the Middle Ages"

Pigg, Daniel F., "Constructing a Voice for Chaucer's Second Nun: Martyrdom as Institutional Discourse"

and reviews:

Amtower, Laurel, of Susan Crane, Gender and Romance in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

Edwards, A. S. G., of Charlotte Brewer, Piers Plowman: A Facsimile of the Z-Text in Bodleian Library, Oxford, MS Bodley 851

Howlett, David R., of Robert Stevick, The Earliest Irish and English Bookarts: Visual and Poetic Forms Before A.D. 1000

We are grateful to the University of Washington's Center for Advanced Research Technology in the Arts and Humanities, and in particular to Michelle Kendrick, for the use of their printer in producing Æstel volume 3.

Æstel no. 4 (1997 for 1996), edited by Sean Taylor:

Roper, Gregory, Cyberspace, Theory, and Power in the Classroom: A Non-Techie Guinea Pig Tries Out the World Wide Web in His Undergraduate Chaucer Class


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